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SCA Web Site Development
Object Discovery and Categorization


In this process, we'll refer to content requirements for the site as “objects.” A Web site object is any piece of information that can be found on a particular Web site.

We have three sources for our objects: Objects which exist in the prototype (already cataloged), objects which appear on a “competitor's” site (already cataloged) and objects defined in the scenario building process. From the scenario building examples, we have three objects: “composer bios,” “event listings,” and “event location driving directions.”


  1. Write each object on a 3x5 card.
  2. Organize the cards into piles of related information.


  • If an object seems to belong to two categories, make a duplicate card. (Eventually, the object will be placed in the category to which it is most closely tied, but we can link to it from the other category.)
  • It’s okay to add new cards.
  • We may not be able to implement everything immediately, but at least we’ll know what it is we want to have in the long run.
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