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Technical Editing / Information Design / Graphics Design
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SCA Web Site Development
Compiled User Scenarios

Possible users of the SCA Web site and tasks they might want to accomplish.

  1. SCA members
    • Find information on upcoming events (or past events)
    • Find driving directions to the next event
    • Advertise current activity (groups playing at clubs, music used in a national commercial, etc.)
    • Read news about the SCA or SCA members
    • View the list of members
    • Read member bios
    • Add bio to list
    • Investigate the organization
    • Search for musicians (or other professionals) for projects
    • Search for facilities for projects
    • Apply for an internship
    • Volunteer to be a mentor
    • Read the SCA policy/ethical guidelines on internships
    • Classified ads: buy/sell/trade equipment, assistant wanted/available, reviews and tips
    • Find out about sponsors
  2. Potential new members
    • Find out about the current SCA membership (Who's in it? Anybody he's heard of? Does he know any of their work?)
    • Listen to SCA music samples
    • Find info on upcoming events (or past events)
    • Read membership requirements and benefits
    • Apply for membership
  3. Directors or producers (film, ad, industrial, games, etc.)
    • Read general information on the SCA
    • Fill out a form to offer projects to SCA members
    • Read the SCA's projects policy
    • Have the ability to specify projects for full members only or all members (depends on policy terms)
  4. Musicians, technicians, copyists, arrangers, etc.
    • Register skills and general availability for projects (also willingness to do volunteer work)
  5. Press
    • Find basic info on organization
    • Find contact information
  6. Students (Recording engineers, film students, musicians, etc.)
    • Look for ways to connect with other professionals & do low-budget projects together
  7. Student Composers
    • Find information on classes given by the SCA or by SCA members through other organizations
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