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Developmental Editing: Document Specification

  • Brief description of the product
    N/A. The document does not describe a separate product.
  • Description of the intended users of the product
  • Document title
    useit.com: Jakob Nielsen’s Web site.
  • Publication history
    Ongoing, regularly updated Web content.
  • Target audience of the document
    Primary: Web developers and designers.
    Secondary: Managers responsible for overseeing Web site design and implementation.
  • Type of document
    Web site with commentary, research results, and tips for improving Web design.
  • Objectives
    To improve the usability of Web sites. By studying the content here, developers will be able to produce Web sites that allow users to find information quickly and perform tasks with greater ease.
  • Testing and review plans
    None apparent. Despite the author’s strong contention that Web sites should be reviewed and tested for usability, it appears that he has not done so with his own site.
  • Names and titles of reviewers
    Lorraine Johnson.

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