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Remmy’s Catering; Style Sheet


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From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Artisan breads artisan bread   1
bollo roll; Bolo Rolls bollo roll   3
challah bread challah; hallah; challa   1
English muffins English muffin   1
French bread French bread   1
French Toast French toast   1
hoagie rolls hoagie   1
Kaiser roll Kaiser roll   3
Palmiers palmier   1
Pan Puglia bread Puglia bread   3
Note: Italy's Puglia region
pumpernickel pumpernickel   1
sourdough; sour dough sourdough   5
Note: Webster's


From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
blue cheese blue cheese; bleu cheese   1
Boursin Boursin   1
Brie cheese Brie   1
Camembert Camembert   1
cheddar cheese cheddar   1
chèvre cheese chèvre   1
chile Jack cheese pepper jack cheese   3
feta feta   1
Fontina fontina   1
Gorgonzola Gorgonzola   1
Gouda (smoked) Gouda   1
Gruyere Gruyère Gruyère 1
Jack jack   1
Jarlesberg Jarlsberg   1
Monterey Jack Monterey Jack   1
Montrachet goat cheese Montrachet   1
mozzarella mozzarella   1
Neufchâtel Neufchâtel Neufchâtel 1
Parmesan Parmesan   1
provolone provolone   1
ricotta ricotta   1
Romano Romano   1
Roquefort Roquefort   1
Spanish Manchego manchego   1
Stilton Stilton   1
Swiss Swiss   1
Swiss Emmentaller Cheese Emmentaler; Emmental; Emmenthaler   1
Tillamook cheddar Tillamook   1

Fruits and Vegetables

From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Anaheim pepper Anaheim chile   1
Bibb lettuce Bibb lettuce   1
Bing cherries Bing cherry   1
chanterelle mushrooms chanterelle   1
Crimimi crimimi   3
English hothouse cucumber English cucumber; hothouse cucumber   1
English peas English pea   1
Granny Smith Apples Granny Smith apple   1
kalamata olives kalamata olive   1
mandarin oranges Mandarin orange   1
Napa Cabbage napa cabbage   1
porcini mushrooms porcino; pl. porcini   1
Roma tomato Roma tomato   3
romaine lettuce romaine lettuce   1
Serrano chile serrano chile   1
shitake mushrooms shiitake   2


From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Aioli aïoli aïoli 1
al dente al dente   1
ala carte à la carte à la carte 1
Antipasto antipasto; pl. antipasti   1
aperitif apéritif apéritif 1
Au jus au jus   1
balsamic Balsamic balsamic   1
bambino bambino bread   3
Biscotti biscotto; pl. biscotti   1
Bratwurst bratwurst   1
Brie en Croute en croûte croÛte 1
brioche brioche   1
Bruschetta bruschetta   1
Canapés canapé canapé 2
Caprese Caprese   3
Ceviche ceviche   1
chiffonades chiffonade   1
Chimichurri chimichurri   1
Chipolte chipotle chile   2
chorizo chorizo   1
chukka chukka   3
chutney Chutney chutney   1
coladas piña colada piña colada 1
cornichons cornichon   1
Crème de Casis crème de cassis crème de cassis 1
crepe crêpe  crêpe 1
croccatini croccatini   3
crostinis crostini   1
Crudités crudités crudités 2
Daiquiris daiquirs   1
Devonshire Cream Devonshire cream   1
Devonshire Crème Devonshire cream   1
Dolma dolma; pl. dolmades   1
Entrée entrée entrée 2
Focaccia focaccia   1
frijoles frijoles   1
guacamole Guacamole guacamole   1
Hoisin hoisin sauce   1
hors d’oeurves hors d'oeuvre   1
Japanese curly noodles (chukka soba) soba; chasoba (made with green tea)   1
julienne julienne   1
Kalbi kalbi   5
Note: www.lifeinkorea.com
kebob, kabob kabob   2
Latkes latke   3
Linzer linzer   1
maifun maifun   3
Margaritas margarita   1
marinara marinara sauce   1
Mortadella mortadella   1
Muffaleta muffuletta; muffaletta   1
Muffaleta muffuletta; muffaletta; muffaleta   3
Note: 3210 muffuletta 2650 muffaletta 135 muffaleta
Palmiers palmier   1
pancetta pancetta   1
panini panino; pl. panini   1
panko panko   1
parfait parfait   1
pate pâté pâté 1
pepperocini Pepperocini pepperocini   3
pico de gallo pico de gallo   1
piña piña colada piña colada 1
Primavera primavera   1
Prosciutto prosciutto   1
Risotto risotto   1
Roquefort Roquefort cheese   1
Roulades roulade   1
satay sauce saté; satay saté 1
Sate sates Sates saté; satay   1
sauté sauté sauté 2
sautéed sautéed sautéed 2
scaloppini scaloppini   3
Sopaipilla sopaipilla   5
Note: www.bartleby.com
surimi surimi   1
Sushi sushi   1
Szechwan Szechwan   1
tahini tahini   1
tapinades tapenade   1
tapinades tapenade; tapinade   3
Note: www.google.com
32,200 tapenade 214 tapinade
Torta torta   1
torte Torte torte   1
tortellini Tortellini tortellini   1
Wasabi wasabi   1
won ton, Wonton won ton; wonton   1

Proper Nouns

From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Black Forest Ham Black Forest ham   1
Caesar Caesar salad   1
Cajun Cajun   1
Canadian Bacon Canadian bacon   1
Cobb Salad cobb salad   1
Devonshire Crème Devonshire cream   1
Dijon Dijon mustard   1
Eggs Benedict eggs Benedict   1
Florentine Frittata Florentine <dish>   1
Hollandaise sauce hollandaise sauce   1
Madeira Sauce Madeira   1
Monte Cristo Strata Monte Cristo strata   1
New York Strip Steak New York strip steak   1
Quiche Lorraine quiche; pl. quiches   1
Ramen toasted noodles ramen   1
Stroganoff, Beef beef stroganoff   1
Sweet Idaho Potatoes Idaho sweet potatoes   1
Note: "Idaho potato" usually means a russet
Wellington (Beef Wellington) beef Wellington   1
Yorkshire Puddings Yorkshire pudding   1
Mideastern Beef Middle Eastern beef   4
Northwest (Northwest wilde greens) Northwest   4
Southwest Southwest   4

Wine and Grapes

From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Luigi Righetti Valpolicella Luigi Righetti Valpolicella    
Luigi Righetti Amarone Luigi Righetti Amarone    
Rotari Brut Arte Italiana Rotari Arte Italiana   5
Rotari Blanc Di Noir Rotari Blanc de Noir   5
Rotari Brut Riserva Rotari Riserva   5
Note: www.rotari.it
Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvigion   1
Chardonnay Chardonnay   1
Corvina Corvina   2
Merlot Merlot   1
Mezzacorona Mezzacorona   3
Molinara Molinara   3
Pino Grigio, Pinot Grigio Pinot Grigio   2
Pinot Nero Pinot Nero   2
Pinot Noir Pinot Noir   1
Rondinella Rondinella   3

Punctuation and Capitalization

From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Argentine style Argentine-style   5
Note: www.gramarian.com
Corn on the Cob (hyphenation) corn on the cob   5
Note: www.bartleby.com
Lemon Roasted lemon roasted   4
lo-fat low-fat   4
Philly Style Philly-style   5
Note: www.gramarian.com
Piled High (hyphenation) piled-high   5
Note: www.gramarian.com
Sweet Sour (sweet & sour?) sweet-and-sour   1
Tex Mex, Tex-Mex Tex-Mex   1
tri tip steak tri-tip steak   5
Note: www.gramarian.com
Barbecued; BBQ barbecue   1
in house in-house   5
Note: Webster's
half and half; 1/2 & 1/2 half-and-half   5
Note: Webster's
sundried, sun-dried (tomatoes) sun-dried tomatoes   1

Brand Names and Trademarks

From menus document Word/Phrase HTML Source
Tim's Chips, Tim’s Northwest Kettle Chips Tim's Cascade Style Potato Chips   5
Note: www.birdseyefoods.com
Knudsen Fruit Spritzer Knudsen fruit Spritzer   5
Note: www.knudsenjuices.com
Bottled Artisan Water bottled artisan water   5
Note: brand name not found in Google search
Krab krab   5
Note: brand name not found in Google search
Nutty Mountain Madness Granola Reward ™ Nutty Mountain Madness Granola Reward&trade; Nutty Mountain Madness Granola 5
Note: www.reward-food.com
eggbeaters Egg Beaters® Egg Beaters&reg; 5
Note: www.eggbeaters.com
Alpine Swiss ? Alpine Lace® Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese Alpine Lace&reg; Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese 5
Note: www.alpinelace.com
Captain Crunch Quaker Cap'n Crunch® Quaker Cap'n Crunch&reg; 5
Note: www.quakeroats.com
Black Forest Ham ? Black Forest ham   5
Note: brand name not found in Google search
Starbuck’s House Blend Regular Decaf Starbucks® Coffee, House Blend, Decaf House Blend Starbucks&reg; Coffee 5
Note: www.starbucks.com
splenda SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener SPLENDA&reg; No Calorie Sweetener 5
Note: www.splenda.com
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite Coca-Cola®, diet Coke®, Sprite® Coca-Cola&reg; diet Coke&reg; Sprite&reg; 5
Note: www2.coca-cola.com
Almond Joy Almond Joy® Almond Joy&reg; 5
Note: www.hersheys.com
Special K Kellogg's® Special K® Kellogg's&reg; Special K&reg; 5
Note: www.kelloggs.com
Baby Ruth Nestlé Baby Ruth   5
Note: www.babyruth.com

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