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Technical Editing / Information Design / Graphics Design
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Student Projects

This section displays projects from a number of the classes I took through the Bellevue Community College Continuing Education program as I worked towards certificates in Technical Editing and Information Design.

These projects demonstrate my ability to comprehend new technical information, organize a substantial volume of information, and present information in a logical and attractive manner.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing covered creating document specifications and establishing, or reviewing, the overall structure of a document. For my final project, I reviewed Jakob Nielsen’s useit.com Web site.

Substantive Editing

Substantive Editing covered editing paragraphs and sentences for accuracy, clarity, consistency, usability, and style. For my final project, I analyzed two online technical papers on exponential assembly by self-replicating micromachines.

Web Content Design for Writers and Editors

Web Content Design addressed content development for the Web, including setting goals for a Web site, deriving the information architecture and navigation, and writing for online audiences. I have included a Web writing project and a home page design that illustrates navigation and style, as dictated by an in-class information design exercise.

Design Principles: An Introduction

Design Principles covered the most basic elements of art and design, including line, shape, value, texture, and color. From this class, I included the studio project assignments.

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