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Cartography -
the Art of Making Maps, the Science of Where You Are

The Cartography Series

World Maps
Activity 1: Where was Apollo 11?
Activity 2: Is This Image a Map?
Maps of North America and the USA
Activity 1: North or South, East or West?
Activity 2: Reading the AVHRR Image
Activity 3: Interpreting the AVHRR Image
Maps of Washington State
Activity 1: Follow the Rivers
Activity 2: Toads and Snakes
Activity 3: Eagles and Sparrows
Puget Sound Region Maps
Activity 1: Sail the Sound
Activity 2: Straight Lines and Crooked Lines
Activity 3: Can You Fly Over the Mountains?
Maps of the Seattle Area
Activity 1: What can you see?
Activity 2: Resolution and Altitude
Cartography Review

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Written by: Rob Westcott, Hugh Anderson, and Lorraine Johnson.

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